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Preparing for a Meeting

What should you bring with you and prepare for ahead of time?

Account Review

A Review of your overall account including Risk Tolerance, current allocations, and updating beneficiary information. We will provide the latest account printout.

  • Please bring anything else you might want to discuss.

Retirement Planning Session Introduction (Fact Finder)

Retirement planning sessions for those who have active Voya accounts, will occur over two separate appointments. We review your current account allocations, go through your PERS/OPSRP or any other Pensions, IAP benefits, social security, expenses and other assets you might have to help decide on a when you might be able to retire and secure income throughout retirement. Please complete and bring the following attachments:

Deferred Compensation New Enrollment

Discuss the benefits of your employer sponsored retirement plan and get assistance with enrollment. Overall discussion of benefits including PERS / OPSRP and IAP. Start planning your financial and retirement future.

Please bring your beneficiary(s) information:

  • Name
  • DOB
  • SSN
  • Address

PERS / OPSRP and IAP Retirement Session

Discuss PERS / OPSRP and IAP Benefits. We will assist in completion of PERS Retirement Application, including service buyback forms and IAP rollovers. Paperwork can be completed once you are within 90 days of your PERS retirement date.

Please bring the following information:

  • While your spouse/partner is not required to attend it is strongly suggested as PERS does require their signature notarized.
  • A copy of age verification document(s) for both if applicable. If you are a Washington Resident, you will need two pieces of identification. Visit the following link for examples: Click here for examples.
  • A Voided Check (to set up direct deposit)
    Driver’s License (for notary)
    PERS Buyback Letters (if applicable)

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